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Chic and contemporary, these are the two most important words for Bebe. Founded in 1976 in San Francisco by Manny Mashouf, Bebe has become a household name for many modern women. The brand has made a name for itself for more than 40 years. It's no surprise that many women have loved the confidence that the brand gives them. It gives them the feeling of sophistication, elegance and fierce sensuality. It has become the go-to brand for many working professionals because of its unique style. The label continues to create designs not just for the US but also for the global market. Bebe always put to mind the fabrics that they use, that these should fit women perfectly. The design team ensures that the clothes embody the sophisticated lifestyle of the modern confident woman of today. The collection offers a wide array of soft cotton jersey, velvet, silk, and laces for many of its designs. Apart from the textile, Bebe is always up to date to what is new in fashion. Their team of designers loves to create a fusion of sexy off-shoulder and low-cleavage blazer dresses that you won't often see from other designers. The brand doesn't just create casual wear but also cocktail and evening dresses. The designs offer a perfect balance of sexiness and elegance. To this day, the brand's popularity continues to skyrocket. What makes it more popular is that it had been made available to many stores and wholesale clothing online sites nationwide.

Bebe is now carried by many wholesale clothing suppliers in the US. The wholesale Bebe line is cataloged in different clothing distributors’ websites.  You can now buy bulk wholesale Bebe clothing from shops like New Yorkers Apparel. Many clothing resellers are now adding Bebe into their list of luxury brand clothing given its title as a go-to brand. Bebe makes sure to have everything that you are looking for. Apart from casual dresses, work, and business attire, they also bodycon dresses, jumpsuits, and accessories that perfectly match your get-up.  Check out our catalog and get inspiration on what to wear on your busy day. Whether it's a midi dress or a maxi dress for an event, you will never go out of style! Why do you have to look for another brand when Bebe has everything you are looking for? You can check out the Bebe collection in New Yorkers Apparel. This online wholesale clothing website has the Bebe line that you are looking for. You can also sell these items in bulk and send them to your clients in tiptop conditions. They have high-quality Bebe items that you would want to buy in bulk. If you are looking something for yourself, just choose one or a few pieces and have them dropshipped to your location. So why settle for less, when you have the best Bebe line that you are looking for!

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