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Are you interested in attending a fashion trade show? Being an attendee can be a great experience if you’ve never attended an apparel trade show before because you’re able to network and meet fellow business owners and retailers, as well as connect with manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. It’s a way to promote your brand, and form potential partnerships and future collaborations. You’re also able to get a sneak peek before the public to view all the latest designs and current style trends, and with this information, this works as market research as to what’s in demand when it comes to consumers, and what competitors are showcasing. There are often promotions and discounts to take advantage of that are given only to attendees at apparel industry trade shows. If you need feedback, this is the perfect opportunity to do so with regard to your concepts or products. By taking advantage of all the workshops and seminars, you get to learn more about all the new technologies, developments, and practices. Attending is also an asset if you’re looking to expand your business and get some inspiration and ideas for your own retail space.


If you’re looking to have a booth at one of the many clothing trade shows, you need to find a reputable one that fits your customer demographic and works best for your business. You’ll have to read up on what’s required beforehand. Registering is imperative, so you must apply and submit your application before the deadline. This includes all documentation, such as licenses, tax IDs, certifications, and any pertinent paperwork. One important detail is knowing if your goods meet the standards of the expo, and making sure you have enough inventory in stock. Having a booth is essential. Firstly, you’ll need to know the dimensions of your booth space, so you can figure out how you want it styled, how to display your garments, and what’s needed in terms of tables, seating, racks, shelving, lighting, booth displays, etc. Some of these supplies will have to be rented, so that will take some research as well. Many of the items need to be transported, so logistics should be a top priority. You’ll need to figure out what you’ll be taking, what needs to be shipped, and whether everything will arrive on time in order to set up before the show. You’ll need marketing materials to pass out and put on display. This includes business cards, catalogs and brochures. You can’t do everything alone, so your staff members need to be good at selling and promoting your brand. Pricing your products is also key, as is figuring out what discounts you plan to offer. After all the legwork, the next step is announcing your attendance prior to the show. This should include email blasts, social media posts, and any other promotional channels you have in your arsenal. Once you return from exhibiting, it’s best to follow up with all your contacts and potential leads by reaching out, sending thank-you correspondence, and providing them with some discounts. 


Trade shows happen generally twice a year to showcase the seasons ahead, such as fall and winter for spring and summer collections, and the reverse with spring and summer to feature fall and winter styles. Some women's apparel trade shows to look out for in 2024 are the following: Magic Las Vegas, Womenswear in Nevada, Las Vegas Apparel, Trendz Apparel Trade Show, Project Las Vegas, Curve Expo, Coterie New York, Northstar Fashion Exhibitors, WESA, Impressions Expo, Advanced Textiles Expo, Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)

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